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2008 Media Day

Ah yes…NBA media day…where rookies/FAs get to rock their new team’s threads, teams show off their new uniforms, and then…and then, you get some batshit crazy pictures…you gotta wonder what the players were thinking when these pictures were getting snapped…

Orlando Magic

Cameraman:  OK guys, we are going take these pictures soon, get ready.

Mickael Pietrus:  Oh shit, I don’t know what to do…

Dwight Howard:  Fuck…uh…uh…I got it!

Mickael Pietrus:  Oh man that’s good, im going to do that too…just change it up a bit…how’s that?

Dwight Howard:  That’s sick!  What you think Jameer?

Jameer Nelson:  Yeah, that’s great…fucking faggots…

Seriously, what the fuck?

Cameraman:  OK, since you guys are going to blow this year, why don’t we get some pictures of you guys getting ready to suck dick.  Alright, when you guys are ready…

Cameraman: Rashad good!

Cameraman:  Hey you!  I don’t even know who the fuck you are, but keep up the good work!

Cameraman:  Corey, dick in mouth…nice…

Cameraman:  If the dick isn’t in your mouth, where is it?  Great improvisation Al!



Cameraman:  Did someone tell him he got drafted to play basketball?

New York Knicks

Allan Houston:  It’s really good to be back, I’m going to have fun playing with you guys.

Jamal Crawford: Yeah man.!..all the help we need, we get him?  Seriously?  Is Isaiah still running this shit?

Chicago Bulls

Ben Gordon:  Are you fucking kidding me?

Cameraman:  Sorry man, the front office wants this.

Ben Gordon:  Man, fuck that, I know what they are doing.  All I do is demand a trade, and now they got me looking like a fucking idiot…this is bullshit!


T.J. Ford:  Ha!  Look at this motherfucker’s forehead…more like a fivehead.

Jarrett Jack:  We will see who’s laughing when you break your neck again.  It might not be an accident.


Darius Miles:  Cough!  Cough!  I swear man, im turning over a new leaf and im clean.  What smoke?  I have no idea what you are talking about…


Robert Swift:  If I didn’t do this, you wouldn’t be taking my picture.  You don’t even know who I am!


Zhang Kai:  I came to play ping pong and Reggie Theus gave me a jersey and told me I had to be better than that fuck Quincy Douby.  I said yes, Hang Time was my favorite.

OK, seriously, we got some new jerseys, the Thunder’s and The Kings’ look like shit, but you don’t need me to tell you that.  The T-Wolves and the Magic got some pretty nice ones, but what the fuck Oklahoma?  You need a badass logo and uniform to  get your city pumped about your team and you come up with some D-League shit?  Not cool man…not cool…Oh and leave some captions in the comments if you like…



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