Welcome To Craig Sager’s Suit

What’s going on everyone, welcome to Craig Sager’s Suit, the interwebs 90343213th NBA blog.  What will make this one different?  Probably nothing, but what the hell lets give it a shot.  Here you will find NBA related humor, swear words, NBA analysis, and some other shit (see, swear words).

You are going to get some real stuff here sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow), but really what better time is there to start a NBA blog than right now when the season is ready to start.  Instead of that offseason fluff, you are going to get some real content.

This should be a fun ride, and it is going to be interesting to see where this blog goes.




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8 responses to “Welcome To Craig Sager’s Suit

  1. Smith

    Hey man, welcome to the blog-o-sphere, love the name of the blog and the banner. Looking forward to seeing some of your stuff!

  2. Travis Outlaw

    Is this a site dedicated to Criag Sager?

  3. thebigitalian

    @ Travis…This is a NBA blog man, now don’t get me wrong, there will be a whole lot of Craig Sager talk going on, but NBA is the main theme.

  4. joe

    nice site! i have one with a similar name, but don’t worry, we’re not competitors, i just use mine as a place to put links that my wife and 10 friends read. good luck!

  5. theanticopier

    hey dude, nice try at an original name. but it’s alerady been done, i’ve been readin craig sager’s closet for ages now. pick a new name

  6. thebigitalian

    @joe: I did a search through the blog-o-sphere, must of missed yours, like you said though, two different topics, not really a big deal, good luck with everything.

    @theanticopier – go fuck yourself

  7. beli

    Welcome. Now make me laugh. dammit

  8. thebigitalian

    @beli: hopefully this isn’t after you saw my latest post

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